Create an event asynchronously

  • Events are attributed to a profile.
  • Email or phone number is mandatory to create an event


NOTE: Please make sure your schema is whitelist before sending events.


Learn how to use Contlo's Track API to track customers as they interact with your site, and then send those events into Contlo, building the backbone for segmentation and automation within the platform.

For any event to be tracked, however, it's schema would need to be whitelisted. If the schema for your event(s) hasn't already been whitelisted, please reach out to the Customer Success team for the same.

Over here - Track API, you'll find a generic example for how to use the Track API. This example does not point out to the usage of a specific whitelisted event but instead, generally points out to what the Track API for an event could look like. Track API - Example on the other hand, uses an example event (popin_schedule_join) [which would need to be whitelisted as well] to show you what an API call for a whitelisted event (with it's own specific set of keys) might look like.

You can use the events created through the Track API in your Automations

Table of Contents

  1. Schema Whitelisting
  2. Track API
  3. Track API - Example