You should record transactions or purchases in Contlo using a special event called Charged.

What makes Charged a special event?

  • Charged is a special event because it provides a way for you to specify the items sold, their categories, transaction amount, the transaction id, and the information about your users.
  • Recording a purchase against a user marks them as a customer in Contlo. This enables you to compare your funnel reports between customers and non-customers.
  • Recording the Transaction Amount
    The transaction total or charge should be recorded in an event property called Transaction value.

Mandatory Properties to record a Charged event

event_idstringUsed to map the event.
transacation_valuestringThe value attributed to the revenue.
variant_idstringThe corresponding variant(s) ID for which transaction is taking place.
event_typestringType of event (Charged)
currencystringCurrency code of variant prices. Follow ISO 4217:2015 Format:
transaction_idstringUnique identifier of the transaction.
emailstringEmail ID of the customer
phone numberstringPhone number of the customer.
product_idstringThe corresponding product (s) ID for which the transaction is taking place.
timeLongEpoch time in milli seconds.
   "email":"[email protected]",

Advantages of the Charged Event

  • Helps you identify your customers, and how are they using your app or website
  • Run campaigns to reward loyal users or get lost customers back
  • Measure customer loyalty via running a cohort analysis on repeat purchases
  • Analyze paid campaign performance by total revenue earned
  • Get revenue insights like – total revenue, number of transactions, count of paying users and much more.

Key Pointers to keep in mind-

  • Please send 0 incase there is no discount/shipping price etc. and do not send null.
  • Subtotal price is before adding the tax and discount.
  • Please ensure to keep the products updated on Contlo to avoid any mismatch of product ids mapping.
  • No. of items in the arrays for product prices and quantity should be equal.