The key components of integrating your custom business website with Contlo are:

  • Customer data
    1. Tracking information such as name, email, phone number, or other profile attributes.
    2. This can be done either via a CSV file upload in the audience section or through sending events with the actual time stamp when the event occurred.
  • Subscribers
    These are users who are subscribed to receiving messaging campaigns from your business.
  • Website activity
    Tracking who is active and what actions have they performed on your website, for example, an ecommerce store might track product_viewed by the user, etc.
  • Order activity
    Tracking when a customer places an order on your website, what products have been ordered, etc. This event can be sent through the same track API as per the defined payload structure to mark it as revenue on the Contlo dashboard.
  • Products
    These are the product items in your catalogue. You can use our Product API for syncing your products with your account.